Friday, July 4, 2008

Love New Media contribute to the New World Record Lego Tower!

Love New Media and our enthusiastic offspring were proud to be part of the new world record set at Lego Land Windsor!
Yes it has been a while but offcially we are part record holders with crowds of other lego building enthusiasts!
Here is the official lowdown...
The Lego brick tower stands nearly 100ft tall and is shaped to resemble a Viking longboat mast. Positioned at the park's main entrance, it is made up of almost half a million Lego bricks and celebrates 50 years of the popular children's toy.
Love New Media kids helped build 20cm sections, with each section hoisted into place by crane.
The record for the tallest Lego tower was just over 96ft which was set in Toronto in August 2007. See the video - click here!

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