Sunday, November 23, 2008

Google launches SearchWiki

If you have a google account you will now be able to customise your search by re-ranking, deleting, adding, and commenting on search results.

You can move your preferred results to the top or add a new site. You will also be able to remove results you don't like and write notes about a particular site. Changes you make will be saved for next time.

This new feature is designed to make the search much more useful for people by making it more dynamic. The changes will only affect your own searches. However others will be able to see any notes you made via the comment button.

All comments can then be seen by clicking on the ‘See all notes for this SearchWiki’.

Learn how SearchWiki works on youtube

Monday, October 6, 2008

UEFA CUP - Rebrands to Europa Cup - dear lord

UEFA Cup Becomes Europa League. Design Industry Quietly Weeps
Having seen this from our honourable friends at Creative Review we can only delight in the fact the there is hope for us all...
Behold, the new face of European football that has been expertly designed using a crayon and an expertly gripped six toed foot...
UEFA announced today that, as from next season its UEFA Cup competition is to be re-named the Europa League in a desperate attempt to persuade fans to take it more seriously. And, of course, it has a spanky new logo to show for it.
According to the UEFA PR puff “The new name and logo will help underline the tournament’s special character and unique sporting appeal. The fresh format will encourage teams from emerging countries or lesser-known sides to challenge the old order, and the new identity will seek to reflect that.” What we have here is a standard-issue 3D shiny sphere marque with some bizarre graphic symbols applied.
The effect is somewhat reminiscent of a snooker ball that has been attacked by a particularly vicious moggy. How this embodies “unique sporting appeal”?
is a design mystery…

Sunday, September 28, 2008

CityFlitz Brings Billboards to Life with New $1 per Day Auto-Sharing Service

Here at Love New Media we are always inspired by great ideas... we saw this fantastic initiative from 'CityFlitz' over in Canada...

CityFlitz, a Toronto-based marketing company that provides advertisers with a fleet of MINI Coopers, MINI Cooper Clubmans and Smart cars that are wrapped with attention-grabbing graphics and logos that act as mobile billboards, launched their auto-sharing service in the GTA today.
For just $1 a day, members of CityFlitz will have access to its fleet of cars, wrapped in an advertisement from one of its clients, Yahoo! Canada.
“Using the CityFlitz fleet of wrapped MINI Coopers for our latest campaign was a viable and effective channel to reach our target audience in a way that is measurable,” said David Soyka, Yahoo! Marketing Manager. “Having the cars on the road 24/7 gives us the opportunity to offer a unique consumer experience and reach a broader audience in a more cost effective and creative way.” Learn more...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Love New Media - launch new 'email bunny' emarketing service

So popular have our email marketing services been we have decided to create a new product brand to celebrate... Email

We can help you create and send your own branded emails - add your own content, add and select your recipients and schedule delivery in your own time...

Email marketing has proved to be a must have marketing tool for any serious and forward thinking business looking for a smart return on investment... have a look for yourself... for brilliant email marketing... click here...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Love New Media - Royal Ascot - Business Live 08 success

Love New Media made a welcome visit to the Thames Valley Chamber’s Business Live 08 event at Ascot Racecource in partnership with Ten Alps Publishing on the 15th July. The event featured seminars, exhibitions and speakers with the opportunity for all important networking. Keynote speaker at lunch was Tessa Jowell, MP (Minister for Olympics) who discussed the importance of the 2012 Olympics and highlghted the 75,000 business opportunities available to businesses throughout the country, including the Thames Valley. Love New Media enjoyed meeting some of our existing clients in a less familiar setting as well as developing some new and exciting contacts.
'We love the fresh new approach to events and overall format of the Chamber this year and look forward to further increasing our market share. Our creative web site design and build services which we have proved popular with our fellow Chamber members and are supported by significant savings for Chamber Members' commented Tony Hill - Director of Love New Media. 'This well organised event clearly demonstates a significant proactive leap by the Chamber to support its growing membership. We particularly welcomed the corporate hospitality combined with a colourful array light hearted conversation combined with some good old fashioned business networking that has opened so many new doors for Love New Media to date'. continued Hill

Friday, July 25, 2008

Undisclosed Pigeon Incident!

Following the much welcomed mini heatwave Salvador opened one of the Studio Velux windows this morning, only to be set upon by a kamikaze Pigeon!
It was noted that this was the first time a bird had made advances towards him since his birthday bash!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Love New Media visit the capital of culture!

Always keen to keep the team in touch with creative genius... and finding inspiration... Penny took a trip to Liverpool during it's year as European Capital of Culture to see an exciting new exhibition at the Tate.
Liverpool and the Tates current exhibition Gustav Klimt: Painting, Design and Modern Life in Vienna 1900. The most impressive piece on show is the full size reconstruction of the Beethoven Frieze, which seemed quite at home taking up the whole of the ground floor, and was impressive up close.
Klimt was one of the founding members of the Secessions, a group of artists who collaborated and exhibited in Vienna. The members of the Secession produced art decoration and typography to create a brand identity. Klimts visual designs for the Secessions first exhibition were particularly appealing.

The rest of the exhibition, on the fourth floor was a collection of Klimts artwork displayed alongside furniture, photographs, sketches, posters and jewellry from a group of artists and artisans with whom he collaborated. The exhibition displayed Klimts work in context with the objects they would have originally accompanied in the luxurious homes of wealthy who commissioned them.
Check it out next time you're in the pool, it's on until 31 August 2008. The multimedia tour is definitly recommended.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Love New Media contribute to the New World Record Lego Tower!

Love New Media and our enthusiastic offspring were proud to be part of the new world record set at Lego Land Windsor!
Yes it has been a while but offcially we are part record holders with crowds of other lego building enthusiasts!
Here is the official lowdown...
The Lego brick tower stands nearly 100ft tall and is shaped to resemble a Viking longboat mast. Positioned at the park's main entrance, it is made up of almost half a million Lego bricks and celebrates 50 years of the popular children's toy.
Love New Media kids helped build 20cm sections, with each section hoisted into place by crane.
The record for the tallest Lego tower was just over 96ft which was set in Toronto in August 2007. See the video - click here!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Love New Media have launched an internal team intiative... our new 'SPONGE' sessions... a chance for the team to share ideas, explore the latest trends and soak up all that's exciting in design and new media...

I knew I had seen Paul's new glasses somewhere before...

Somehow the French dialogue brings a touch of class... Come to think of it he has been acting a little odd lately too..

Heeeres Cookie...!!

No it's not a still from our web cam following another busy week...
We love the classic Kubrick horror nightmare The Shining - although a remake by the muppets/sesame street would be one we'd pay to see!