Monday, October 6, 2008

UEFA CUP - Rebrands to Europa Cup - dear lord

UEFA Cup Becomes Europa League. Design Industry Quietly Weeps
Having seen this from our honourable friends at Creative Review we can only delight in the fact the there is hope for us all...
Behold, the new face of European football that has been expertly designed using a crayon and an expertly gripped six toed foot...
UEFA announced today that, as from next season its UEFA Cup competition is to be re-named the Europa League in a desperate attempt to persuade fans to take it more seriously. And, of course, it has a spanky new logo to show for it.
According to the UEFA PR puff “The new name and logo will help underline the tournament’s special character and unique sporting appeal. The fresh format will encourage teams from emerging countries or lesser-known sides to challenge the old order, and the new identity will seek to reflect that.” What we have here is a standard-issue 3D shiny sphere marque with some bizarre graphic symbols applied.
The effect is somewhat reminiscent of a snooker ball that has been attacked by a particularly vicious moggy. How this embodies “unique sporting appeal”?
is a design mystery…

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